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The Covenant CAR-class frigate[1] is a type of ship mentioned in Transmissions, a type of promotion for the then new game, Halo: Combat Evolved. The transmissions are directly linked to the Cortana Letters and are considered Canon because of their inclusion in the Halo Encyclopedia.

Absolutely nothing is known about the dimensions and features of the ships, in fact the only thing ever mentioned about the ships are the following:

• CAR Contrition (DE H c-5)

  • SCS Hermes II - The UNSC ship that received the transmission
RECEIVED (trans)
via x-process 375.2.686.0632091
(process owner GA - AI - Class II)

Through war we will teach your heresy.
Through battle we will teach your frailty.
Through death we will teach your fate.

• CAR Penance (DE H c-4: OB)

  • ESP 8 Reach—The UNSC ship that received the transmission
via p-process 34022.1.8.230390
(process owner Pr Govern via Reach PSN
node 21)

You live without discipline and will die without honor.

Known CAR-class ships[]