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The CMA Heracles was a Hillsborough-class destroyer[1] under the command of the Colonial Military Administration. Named after the legendary hero of Greek mythology, Heracles, the ship was commanded by Captain Maribeau Veredi, and was the lead ship of Battlegroup 4.[3]

Operational history[]

On October 7, 2525, The Heracles, along with the rest of Battlegroup 4, the CMA Arabia and CMA Vostok, were sent into the Harvest system to discover why the Colonial Administration Authority had lost contact with both the colony and the scout ship CMA Argo. It discovered the planet glassed, the Argo destroyed, and a Covenant vessel in orbit. After a short battle, the Arabia and the Vostok were destroyed and the Heracles was forced to retreat. Due to the extensive damage it had taken during the battle, the Heracles took several weeks to return to Reach.[3] The ship was repaired at Reach, and later returned to reclaim Harvest as part of Admiral Preston Cole's battlefleet.[4]

While at Harvest, it recovered a RQ-XII drone left by Jilan al-Cygni eight months earlier.[5]



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