COBB Industries is a Human commercial enterprise operating on and around Earth.
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The COBB Industries container in a Traxus Factory Complex 09.

COBB Industries was involved in the construction of the Cairo Station, as several of their equipment containers were still in and around the station when John-117 visited it in 2552. They appeared to still be working on the Pelican launch bays and some of the exterior of the station when the Battle of Earth broke out. It is likely that COBB Industries worked on several other orbital MAC platforms around Earth.[1] COBB Industries equipment was also seen in various areas around New Mombasa and Old Mombasa, suggesting that the company was a large-scale construction company with operations in Africa .[2]


  • You can see a container on the levels The Storm and Floodgate with "COBB Industries" printed on it. It's hanging from a crane on the ceiling. It's the only one in Halo 3, as the others have "Traxus Heavy Industries" printed on them instead.
  • The name 'Cobb Industries' is a tribute to production designer Ron Cobb (Star Wars, Alien, Aliens) who's work on the Nostromo in Alien influenced the design language of many of the Pillar of Autumn interiors, most specifically the single width hallways and airlocks.[3]



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