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The Capture the Flag Symbol

This is a version of classic "Capture The Flag" on Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. There are two teams in this gametype (Red and Blue teams), with one flag each in their bases, against one another. The point of the game is to protect your team's own flag while trying to capture the other team's flag. This is one of the most widely played gametypes, making it one of the most popular.


CTF Classic is mostly played on small maps, such as Beaver Creek or Midship. This is due to the fact that Touch Return is on. For example, if Blue team steals Red team's flag, then the Red team must kill the flag carrier and touch their own flag to return it. Additionally, in order to score, your team's flag must be at home. If the other team has possession of your flag, you cannot score. CTF Classic usually has three or five flag captures to win, mostly to balance the game. However, this also can be edited to have a higher or lower score.


  • This is included in a slightly modified form in Halo 3, known as Multi Flag CTF.
  • Each flag has the UNSC symbol printed on both sides.

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