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The concept of a "Call Sign" has existed for almost as long as there has been aviation, from the Pilots of Earth's World Wars to modern Pelican pilots.


A call sign is a nickname adopted by a military pilot for use in name tags, planes and radio conversations. Though strictly unofficial, these names are adopted almost like a second name for the person they are attached to and thus, they are usually given by other pilots or coworkers. Each name varies and the reasons they are given vary as well.

Other types of soldiers also adopt call signs, depending on the circumstances. Most often, soldiers are given the name of their unit and a numerical position.[1] The leader of a unit will have the unit's name followed by the word "Actual".[2]

The Captain of a UNSC Starship is referred to by the name of the ship, followed by "Actual".[2]

Known Call Signs[]

Name Call sign
Flight Captain Carol Rawley Foe Hammer
Lieutenant Peterson Cookie
Sergeant Laura Tanner Smokes
Staff Sergeant Nolan Byrne Creeper
Master Sergeant Marcus Stacker Kilo 40
Colonel Urban Holland Noble Actual
Commander Carter-A259 Noble One
Lieutenant Commander Catherine-B320 Noble Two
Warrant Officer Jun-A266 Noble Three
Warrant Officer Emile-A239 Noble Four
Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052 Noble Five
Lieutenant SPARTAN-B312 Noble Six
Unknown Air Control
Beta-Red Actual
Echo Dispatch
Evacuation Dispatch
Kilo Dispatch
Savannah Actual
Sword Control


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