Camber was once a human inner colony.[note 1]


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At an unidentified time before the Fall of Reach and after 2535, the Covenant chose Camber as their next target. The Fleet of Particular Justice managed to disable but not destroy the Orbital Defense Platforms around the planet. Not alerting the native UNSC defenses, the fleet began orbital and ground assaults.[1]

By the time UNSC forces had realized what happened, Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee lead a strike team to the System Defense HQ where the 3rd Battalion Reserves were located. The reserves were not even ready yet when 'Vadamee's strike team hit the building. 'Vadamee and his team annihilated all of the soldiers. The UNSC ships that defended the planet were almost all destroyed and the planet was subsequently glassed.[1]


Camber was known to be a major manufacturing center for UNSC fleet materials.[1]


Halo 2 Anniversary Terminal Camber 2

The UNSC System HQ, located on Camber.

Most likely due to Camber's manufacturing position, the planet was very well defended. The naval defense was comprised of at least two Orbital Defense Platforms, at least seven Marathon-class heavy cruisers, and at least 18 UNSC frigates. Ground side, the planet was defended by at least the Third Battalion Reserves who were located at System Defense HQ.[1]


  1. Similar to New Carthage, the existence of the Orbital Defense Platforms show that Camber was most likely an inner-colony.


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