Camp Currahee was a secret United Nations Space Command military camp located on the planet Onyx south of Zone 67. It was commanded by Lieutenant Commander Kurt-051, (operating under the surname "Ambrose"), and the Office of Naval Intelligence for the sole purpose of training the SPARTAN-III supersoldiers.[1] Operations at the base were aided by the ONI AIs Eternal Spring, Deep Winter, and Endless Summer, all of which were primarily assigned to the survey teams in Zone 67.

History Edit

Camp Curahee was constructed in 2531 and was operated until 2552. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Companies trained there, and Delta Company was planned, but was never formed. All operations at the base were brought to an end during the Battle of Onyx, which culminated in the disintegration of the planet. Camp Currahee was most likely destroyed.

Known Sections Edit

The camp was horseshoe-shaped and contained dormitories, mess halls, offices, parade grounds, firing ranges, and many areas for exercises. As it was the only UNSC installation on the planet (except Zone 67 to the north), the Spartans had ample areas to train in prior to deployment.



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