The Capri is a vehicle produced by AMG Transport Dynamics and is most likely a luxury sports car or SUV type vehicle.[1]


Extract from the reviews section of Car and Pilot Magazine, December 22, 2551

AMG Transport Dynamics 2553 Hog: First Review, Written by Kyle Soutar

Dynamically, the Hog is even more pleasing this year, and the aesthetic enhancements only add to its odd mixture of luxury and utility, though this is an update, not a revolution. Drivers expecting the kind of overhaul AMG demonstrated with last year's sublime relaunch of the Capri, will be disappointed, but for weekend warriors seeking a hipper way to bounce through the countryside, the '53 Hog is the only way to travel.[1]


  • "Weekend Warrior" mentioned in the review is most likely a reference to the 1994 Bungie game of the same name.
  • The name 'Capri' may be influenced by the Italian island of Capri, or more logically, based on the Ford Capri, which was a sport type vehicle which began production in 1968.
  • The Capri is mentioned in, in a review for the Civilian Warthog.
  • AMG in the real world is a special racing division for present day Mercedes-Benz vehicles and is also short for AM General, a manufacturer of American military and specialty automobiles most particularly the Hummer and HMMWV.


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