Captured is a multiplayer Commendation in Halo 4. A point is obtained every time the player earns a medal which assists their team in holding onto or capturing an enemies base in a Dominion match in War Games.

Dominion-base-capture-initiated Base Capture Initiated
– Initiate a base capture.
Dominion-capture-initiation-assist Capture Init Assist
– Assist a teammate in initiating a base capture.
Dominion-base-captured Base Captured
– Initiate a successful base capture.
Dominion-capture-assist Capture Assist
– Be within a base when it is captured.
Dominion-turret-destroyed Turret Destroyed
– Destroy an enemy Base Turret.
Dominion-base-offense Base Offense
– Kill an enemy player inside an enemy controlled base.
Dominion-base-saved Base Saved
– Reclaim a contested base your team owns.

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