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HW CM 100

Career level 100

Career Milestones are the overall measure of participation and performance across all Halo games. Milestones are reached by attaining a certain level of Halo gamerscore. When designated Halo gamerscore levels are reached, new Milestones are earned and awarded in the Career section. Every 100 Halo Gamerscore increases the player's Career Level. Using the dates of the achievements earned, Halo Waypoint also includes the specific date they reached each particular level. There are currently 474 achievements, but Halo Waypoint's career milestone page only displays a maximum of 433 achievements. As new Halo achievements are earned, players can level up their milestone. There were originally 40 milestones available at launch.[1] All those on a player's friend list are able to view the player's milestones. The maximum level for the Halo Waypoint career milestone is 100.

Unlockable Items[]

Halo: Reach Armor Unlocks[]

Once specific Career Levels have been met, certain Armory Items can be unlocked but only after earning certain achievements in Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, or Halo: Reach.


Military Police: Base - Career Level 15. Earn the The Soldier We Needed You To Be achievement in Halo: Reach.

  • Military Police: CBRN/HU/RS - Career Level 20. Earn the Pink and Deadly achievement in Halo 3: ODST. Must have Military Police: Base.
  • Military Police: HU/RS/CNM - Career Level 25. Earn the Fear the Pink Mist achievement in Halo 3 and the A Spoonful of Blamite achievement in Halo: Reach. Must have Military Police: CBRN/HU/RS.

CQB: Base - Career Level 20. Earn the Folks Need Heroes... achievement in Halo: Reach.


UA/Base Security [W] - Career Level 30. Earn the Yes, Sensei achievement in Halo: Reach.

Avatar Awards[]

Halo Spartan EVA Helmet - Make it into Career 50.