Carl "Buster" Patterson was a human and a member of the UNSC Navy.


By late 2552, Admiral Patterson was commander of the UNSC Stalingrad and Battlegroup Stalingrad.[1] Patterson was a very straightforward, but cunning admiral whose direct frontal-assault style would cost him his life in the middle of the Battle of Onyx.

Battle of OnyxEdit

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At Onyx, Patterson ordered his battlegroup to attack before receiving a full scan of the planet from the UNSC Dusk. Two Covenant Destroyers were destroyed before twenty additional enemy warships revealed themselves from the other side of the planet. At the cost of four of his ships, Patterson was able to escape.

He set up an ambush for the Covenant ships behind the planet's moon when Commander Richard Lash set up a field of HORNET Mines in space, which succeeded in destroying all but two of the ships. Patterson again ordered a forward charge to wipe out the remaining ones. Thirty-two more Covenant ships emerged from Slipspace around his ships in mid-charge, destroying the human fleet and killing Patterson in the process.


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