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“Hoya happened to Hoya.”
Paul DeMarco, regarding Hoya's injury.

Spartan Carlo Hoya[2] (SN: 90302-89202-CH) is a SPARTAN-IV member of Fireteam Majestic.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Hoya was born and spent his early life on the outer colony of Asmara. At some point during his childhood, the world was glassed. He and his family were evacuated before the planet's destruction. Hoya spent the rest of his childhood as a refugee on the inner colony Circumstance. As soon as he was of eligible age, he joined the Marine Corps. Hoya quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became an ODST.[1]

Battle of New JerusalemEdit

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In 2552, he was deployed to New Jerusalem when the Covenant attacked. He was captured by Covenant forces during the fight, but managed to escape and free twelve naval officers during the breakout.[1] Hoya's actions earned him the attention of ONI analysts and he joined the SPARTAN-IV program at some point before 2557. Hoya joined Fireteam Majestic and was deployed in numerous missions during the post-war years.

Second Battle of RequiemEdit

Main article: Second Battle of Requiem

Hoya and Majestic were part of the first wave of the Second Battle of Requiem. During the fighting, Hoya sustained minor injuries in combat with several Promethean Knights.[3]

After recovering, Hoya and Majestic were ordered by Captain Lasky to stop Palmer from an ONI-sanctioned assassination of Dr. Halsey. Hoya and Majestic stormed Covenant leader Jul 'Mdama's primary base of operations, killing most of his bodyguards and neutralizing all Promethean reinforcements. However, Jul 'Mdama managed to escape with Dr. Halsey.

When Jul 'Mdama activated Requiem's self-destructive failsafes and trapped Infinity in orbit around the planet using Forerunner slipspace generators, Hoya, Palmer, and the rest of Majestic hastened to the location of the second generator, while Fireteam Crimson went after the first. They fought through dozens of Elite Zealots and Promethean Knights and finally managed to de-activate the generator, escaping back to Infinity and leaving the system just as Requiem's destruction triggered an artificial supernova.




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