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“Use the UNSC Shortsword Bomber to devastate a strip of land with massive bombs.”
— In-game description

Carpet bombing is a form of aerial warfare, utilizing large numbers of unguided bombs, to attempt the complete destruction of a target region, either to destroy personnel and materiel, or as a means of demoralizing the enemy.



The Shortsword's ordnance explode on Covenant forces in a pre-release build of Halo Wars.

In Halo Wars, the carpet bomb is a support power specific to John Forge. By utilizing the option, players could call in a Shortsword Bomber from UNSC Spirit of Fire which swoops across the battlefield, deploying bombs. The direction of the bombing run can be directed by the player using the thumbstick. When the bombs are delivered, it drops them and after they hit the ground a delay fuse burns and detonates the bombs after a short time. This power is incredibly effective against all ground units and buildings, but useless against air units. The power also damages both friendly and enemy units alike.

This ability requires 1 Tech Level and costs 600 Resources. It can be upgraded three times inside a Field Armory to cover more ground and to deal more damage. Every upgrade requires an additional level of technology to upgrade.

  • Carpet Bomb: a small yet powerful carpet bomb attack
  • Medium Carpet Bomb: a medium carpet bomb attack. 700 resources and level 2 technology are required to upgrade.
  • Large Carpet Bomb: a large carpet bomb attack. 1000 resources and level 3 technology are required to upgrade.
  • Super Carpet Bomb: an extremely large and devastating carpet bomb attack. 1400 resources and level 4 technology are required to upgrade.



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