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Carrow (named Rakoi by the Sangheili)[2] was located in the Joint Occupation Zone, a region consisting of the UEG's former Outer Colonies. It has been resettled by both Humans and Sangheili.[3]


Carrow was originally a human colony located somewhere in the Outer Colonies. During the Human-Covenant War it was lost to the Covenant, with Sangheili civilians under the leadership of Rojka 'Kasaan colonising the world in 2552.[4]


In 2553, human refugees returned to Carrow to maintain their claim of sovereignty, having been unaware the Sangheili had already seeded it.[5] 'Kasaan proposed a cohabitation agreement, where both races would continue to live on the colony but in their own cities. With nothing else to go back to, the human colonists took his offer and settled several hundred kilometers away.

Tensions flared up at the beginning of 2558. As a result of the ongoing Blooding Years, a new government took over the Sangheili's population in Rak with anti-human policies. Interspecies trading became taboo, and eventually outlying human colonies were attacked with the objective being to force the human government in Suraka to abandon their colony. Five months into the new regime, the first murder of a human took place.[6]

After six months of degrading relation, the Unified Earth Government sent Melody Azikiwe to help ease these tensions down.[3]

On September 1, 2558 war broke out across the planet involving several factions.[7]


The Human population of Carrow had a stock exchange in the city of Suraka, named the Surakan Stock Exchange.[5]


The human government was led by a Governor and Vice-Governor. In 2558, these two positions were held by Ellis Gass and Lamar Edwards.[5]


Defense for the human population was up to the Surakan Militia Volunteers.[5]

Physical Aspects[]


  • Uldt Desert
    • Karfu Mountains
    • Herndon Lake
    • Gila Station
    • Carstolum River
    • Astelehich River
    • Aza Oasis
    • Sangheili zone
      • Masov Oasis
      • Rak
    • Human zone
      • Jesmith
      • Suraka
        • Wulandari Building
      • Sandholme
      • Signal Hill


  • A carrow is a roaming gambler.[8]


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