Casbah Station is a large port authority building on the shores of Casbah, Tribute. Elements of the building were constructed by Hannibal Weapon Systems and Naphtali Contractor Corporation.[1]


In the late 2400s, Tribute saw large economic growth. This growth helped spur the creation of ports and Casbah Station.[2]

Later, during the Battle of Tribute teams of SPARTAN-IIs and IIIs fought the Covenant off to buy time for civilians. Their stand was at or near Casbah Station.[2]

To honor their sacrifice, a War Games simulation named War Games Map_Set/: 891-3 was created for SPARTAN-IVs[2] that included Casbah Station.[1]


Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Landfall Establishing 02

The Casbah Station command center.

Casbah Station had a large garage with two bays in it for vehicles servicing. There was a command center that had several computers and servers in it.[1]


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