Chainbreaker[1] is a custom-built energy mace.[2] It was made by Atriox, a Jiralhanae warlord who leads The Banished, using parts taken from a Type-2 "Gravity Hammer" EW/H[Note 1] and it serves as Atriox's signature weapon.

Operational HistoryEdit

The Jiralhanae wielded Chainbreaker while battling Red Team on the Ark in 2559.[3][4]

Design DetailsEdit

The Energy Mace consists of a short handle, just long enough to hold with two hands, with a bladed head at the end. In addition to some metal blades, there are at least three energy blades on the head of the mace which, when turned on, glow with red energy and emit a thin mist. The weapon's handle is almost identical to that of the Type-2 Gravity Hammer, albeit much shorter and with a curved end. It seems to be held and used similarly to the Gravity Hammer.[3][4]



  1. This is according to a caption on a piece of concept art, and so may not be a reliable source.


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