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Charum Hakkor is a planet in an unidentified system that once served as the heart of the Human-San'Shyuum alliance.


It was home to the infamous Primordial, a creature of great power that had been imprisoned on the planet. The creature was originally believed to be the last surviving Precursor.

Human-Forerunner war

Main article: Battle of Charum Hakkor

Charum Hakkor was the site of the last battle during the Human-Forerunner war. The siege would last fifty years and broke when Humanity could no longer hold out against the constant attacks during the last three of fifty years. The Didact personally saw that the Lord of Admirals and other high-ranking members of Humanity surrendered. Charum Hakkor was also the location where the Ur-Didact and The Librarian first met. It also holds the distinction of being the test site of the first Halo installation.


It once featured a wealth of Precursor architecture and structures.


  • Giant's Armory
  • Highway
  • Orbital arches


It shares its system with Faun Hakkor, Ben Nauk and twelve other planets.


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