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Chasm Ten is a Firefight map in Halo 3: ODST. Based on the Campaign level Data Hive, it is set inside the Superintendent's underground data facility.


Chasm Ten is a remarkably large map, consisting of two opposing walls, divided by a deep chasm, and connected by a number of bridges. The side on which players spawn starts out with a number of machine gun turrets, as well as a rocket launcher located in some tunnels. The map layout also includes an additional upper level, which can be accessed by air-vents. The upper level also contains machine gun turrets on the player side. Players can expect to be attacked from the front, as well as from the sides. To excel on this map requires a strategic approach.

In spite of this not technically being a 'night' map, VISR mode can be of great use to players trying to spot enemies in the distance, as well as weapons and ammo.


The side the players start on has all the weapons. Downstairs in the centre are the rockets, on a dispenser on the wall. Directly across the map is the extra ammo (across the bridge) (sniper ammo can be found by looking near the monster closets on the side wall). Upstairs on both sides, there are two snipers. Both upstairs and downstairs, machine gun turrets can be found. The two downstairs levels are slightly exposed from their sides. The upstairs level lacks any form of protection and is vulnerable to grenades. They are, however, in prime position for eliminating any hostiles using the two grav-lifts. The spare weapons, grenades, and health packs downstairs are inside the base, allowing you to grab weapons with ease. The weapons and health packs located upstairs are on the outside, exposed to enemy fire.


Chasm Ten is unlocked by completing the Data Hive mission. An achievement called Chasm Ten can also be unlocked on this map if players manage to score over 200,000 points during a Firefight match.