Chris Carney is an environment artist, designer and software developer for Bungie. He is famous for the Carney Holes, little hiding spots in Halo 2 and Halo 3 multiplayer levels that a player can hide in to have an advantage over other players.

Before his career as a game designer he worked several years as an architect in Cincinnati Ohio, USA, and later moved to Seattle, Washington, USA.

Danger BoyEdit

Chris Carney goes by the handle Danger Boy. He got the nickname from one of his friends from Cincinnati who drew a comic book where the hero has a sidekick named "Decoy Boy." Decoy Boy's special power is that he attracts any projectiles (i.e. bullets, bombs, and other pain) which are directed towards his hero buddy. Thus the hero experiences a nice long existence, while keeping Decoy Boy on a weekly schedule of Emergency Room visits. "Danger Boy" is Carney's simple homage to him.

Voice WorkEdit

The staff at Bungie Studios often get to voice work in the Halo games as sort of an Easter Egg. Chris Carney did the voice of Corporal Lovik from the unfortunate 2nd Squad which first encounters the Flood on Installation 04,[1] the one who radios in to Captain Jacob Keyes just before being killed. Here's the dialog from the cutscene:

Corporal (Chris Carney): Captain, Sarge... can you hear me? Keyes: What's going on, soldier? Corporal (Chris Carney): We've got contact, lots of 'em, but... they're

not Covenant! They're-re just tearin' through us! What the, oh... noooh!

Johnson: Corporal, do you copy? Over!

He is also the voice heard over the speakers on Orbital.





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