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“This is my ship, and I will do with it what I wish.”
— Chur 'R Yar

Chur'R-Yar was the Kig-Yar Shipmistress of the Covenant missionary vessel Minor Transgression, and as such, she is unique in being one of the very few female Covenant characters mentioned in the Halo Universe.


Commanding her ship on the very fringes of Covenant territory, she ordered the raid of two Human freighters before, with the aid of the Deacon Dadab, locating a planet with supposed Forerunner relics. Intending to steal a number of these relics for herself before she could report it to the Covenant, betraying the Deacon as well, she was shot by Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson after Minor Transgression boarded a third freighter, bait for a trap laid by the UNSC. As her men were killed by the marines, she fled through the umbilical back to her ship, where she found the Luminary reconnected. Sergeant Johnson then caught up with her and shot her several times in the chest, knee, and spine, paralyzing her below the waist. She then managed to hit the ship's methane suite with an overcharged plasma pistol shot, causing the suite and ship to blow apart. Before dying, she discovered Dadab's betrayal, then destroyed her own ship in an unsuccessful, suicidal attempt to kill her attacker.

Chur'R-Yar's ancestors were pirates, sailing the oceans of the Kig-Yar homeworld Eayn, battling rival clans and claiming slaves and territory. In this regard, she hoped to mimic them, with space serving as the new ocean. She also hoped to retire with the profit from the stolen relics and raise a family of young Kig-Yar. She was killed before she could reach her aspirations.[2]


  • Chur'R-Yar is a prominent character, as she is the first female Covenant character ever mentioned in the Halo Universe; however, she is not the only female Covenant character as the Prophetess of Obligation is clearly another female Covenant character along with Chur 'R-Mut, Chol Von, and multiple others that have appeared since.
  • Chur'R-Yar's motives for taking a share of the apparent relics is because she wants her ship to be out of commission for the whole Kig-Yar mating season.
  • Apparently, Chur'R-Yar had chosen the Jackal Zealot Zhar as her mate, based around his physical traits and long, angular spikes no other male has.
  • It's possible that the "Chur 'R" is a word which shows that the Kig-Yar is a Shipmaster, considering the fact that the only Jackals having it are Shipmistresses and the fact that Jackals' names are always monosyllabic.