The Civilian Security Forces, or more popularly known as Law Enforcement, are police units used on the colonies of the UEG Colonial Administration Authority.

Operational HistoryEdit

During the First Battle of Harvest, Utgard Constabulary officers patrolled the Utgard Mall. Two constables named Finn and Lars were the personal bodyguards of Governor Thune.[1]

Arcadian Patrol officers defended the colony of Arcadia from the invading Covenant forces during the First Battle of Arcadia.

The New Mombasa Police Department had a significant role in the defense of their city during the Battle of Mombasa, where they cooperated with UNSC Marines and ODSTs in various operations around the city.

Equipment Edit

During the First Battle of Harvest, CSF constables wore helmets, riot gear, and were armed with Humbler stun devices and plastic shields.

The New Mombasa Police Department used tactical utilities, with ballistic body armor and CH252 helmets with blast visors. For transport, the NMPD utilized a law enforcement variant of the HuCiv Genet, and a variant of the D77-TC Pelican dropship to patrol the city's air space.


They often use lighter weaponry than their military counterparts, though at least the NMPD is known to utilize military-grade weaponry.




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