The Clarity of Faith was a CAS-class assault carrier registered to High Charity. It was commanded by Shipmaster Thon 'Talamee in 2552, with his brother Reff 'Talamee as second in command.[4]


In late 2552, around the same time as the UNSC was making final preparations for Operation: BLOWBACK, the Clarity of Faith was three cycles behind schedule to rendezvous with a supply convoy and escort it through Sub-Sector 35. Before it jumped to the convoy's position, the Clarity of Faith intercepted a transmission of unknown origin, containing a Pi-constant baseline not used by the Covenant or the Humans. Reff believed the message to be a sign from the Forerunners, possibly pointing to "sacred" artifacts, and wanted to examine it further. Thon, however, ignored the transmission, stating that he "doesn't run the ship on religious theories" and ordered the ship's courseman to jump into Slipspace. As they did, the Clarity of Faith was instantly hit by energy bombardment from Line Installation 1-4 and dropped out of Slipspace. It was caught in the gravity of an unnamed Moon, and crashed on its surface. Only a handful of the crew survived, and moved out of the wreckage to explore the moon's surface. Coincidentally, the same had happened to the UNSC vessel Long Time Coming, which was on a covert mission to sabotage the Covenant ships the Clarity of Faith was supposed to escort.[4]



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