Private Cochran is a member of Corporal Harland's veteran squad. During the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Cochran and his squad encountered Hunter units, and was wounded by a Covenant Grunt's Needler. Harland was able to patch the wound up with biofoam to keep him alive until he could get a medic. Despite being wounded to the verge of death, Cochran managed to take the Rocket Launcher from Private Walker, who was in a state of shock and could not do so himself. Cochran shot down the Banshees and saved his squad.[2] With the help of John-117 and the other SPARTAN-IIs, the fight on Sigma Octanus IV was a success and Cochran lived to get medical attention, though there is no further reference to him in the series. He may not have survived his wounds as Harland said that he had only a slim chance of survival even if they could get him to a doctor. Also, he slipped into a coma after arriving at Alpha Base which decreases his chances of survival even further.

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