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SURGEON was a code name adopted by an Office of Naval Intelligence operative with Section III and was a leader of Operation: HYPODERMIC in 2552. This operative's Section III Operator Number is AA2.

The earliest mention of SURGEON was in 2532, when he/she received a message concerning the SPARTAN-III program from Codename: COALMINER. The message noted that the early stages of preparation for SPARTAN-III Alpha Company were progressing satisfactorily and expressed confidence in Kurt-051's training regimen.[1]

SURGEON was later informed by Codename: COALMINER of a potential breach of security when Cortana broke into the ONI database and discovered that the UNSC Circumference was an ONI Prowler. COALMINER then deleted the ship from the Reach database.[2]

On December 31, 2552, Surgeon filed a report to Codename: USUAL SUSPECTS entitled "Historical/Psychological Analysis of Cole, Preston J." The extensive report outlined the life and career of Admiral Preston Cole and postulated that he was in fact alive and living outside UNSC-controlled space. The report was filed from the UNSC Point of No Return in synchronous orbit on the far side of Luna.


Codename: SURGEON's gender is unknown. However, SURGEON is referred to as "sir" by Codename: COALMINER.[3] However, the title "sir" is not entirely restricted to males, and females are referred to as "sir" on some occasions.[4]


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