Cody Miller was an administrator at, a site devoted to Halo speedruns. He held multiple records in Halo level completion times. It was later revealed that his runs were actually segmented, but never said so at the time.[1]

In August 2005, Cody Miller completed Halo 2 in Campaign mode, with the difficulty set on Legendary with a time of 3 hours, 17 minutes and 50 seconds without one single game-death. This can be considered a considerable feat, especially to someone new to the Halo game series. Cody is the first Twin Galaxies verified champion to finish the game without losing a life. Twin Galaxies senior referee Robert T. Mruczek said, "There is a variety of ultra-cheesy tactics that Cody did not employ... it was a clean run and one that should be respected by his fellow gamers on the title."[2]

In 2011 at AGDQ, Cody ran Halo CE. During the run, many known glitches that were normally used to make the levels progress faster were either not used or could not be executed. It turned out Miller was not as good at the game as the speedrunning community believed he was and as a result, spent over 4 hours running the game, turning the difficulty down from Legendary, to Heroic, and again to Normal.[3] The original estimated time was only two hours.[1]

It was later realized that Cody had cut his "full game" run and it was actually made of split runs.[1] This led people to believe his Guiness World Record was also a segemented run, although he never said so. Other runners such as Mr. Monopoli believed that these slow, uninteresting runs "did a lot of harm to the perception of Halo speedrunning in the larger community."[1]


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