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Forerunner Warrior-Servants tested themselves in this arena before facing the Flood.

Coliseum is an arena multiplayer map that can be played in Halo 5: Guardians. It is set in an unknown Forerunner facility.[1]


“The first incursions of the Flood into the Forerunners’ outer territories signaled the beginning of a centuries-long war. Although they immediately summoned the full strength of their navy, most Warrior-Servants recognized that this conflict would be won or lost on the ground. Hidden safely in the shadows of the Burn, this military compound provided a necessary proving ground, strategically honing those who were destined for sacrificial glory.”
— Cannon Fodder, Rhine Installation[2]


  • There are a few bird-like creatures flying above the map.
  • There is a robot like creature underneath each base, that disappears under a hatch when the player gets too close. Shooting them and/or throwing grenades appears to have no effect.


  • Blue Base
  • Blue Bridge
  • Blue Cave
  • Blue Elbow
  • Blue Slide
  • Blue Sneaky
  • Blue Yard
  • Fridge
  • Green Tower
  • Lift
  • Oven
  • Red Base
  • Red Bridge
  • Red Cave
  • Red Elbow
  • Red Slide
  • Red Sneaky
  • Red Yard
  • Top Mid
  • Yellow Tower