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The Colossus was a large, bi-pedal mech akin to the HRUNTING Mark II (D) Exoskeleton.[1]

Class HistoryEdit

The Colossus' design was added to the UNSC Spirit of Fire's factories following Isabel's integration.[1]


The Colossus is specific to Sergeant Johnson. It is built in the Garage and is Johnson's counterpart to the M808S Main Battle Tank. The Colossus has a small machine-gun that can target any units that are not cloaked, however the main power is in the railgun. The railgun's range rivals that of the Locust, however it has a slow rate of fire and cannot target air units. The Colossus can be upgraded with the stomp ability, which damages and stuns all nearby ground units.[2]

The Colossus' "Y" ability only affects ground units, much like the "Y" abilities of the Scorpion and Grizzly. When built, the Colossus falls from orbit much like the Banished Scarab.[2]



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