Command Chief Master Sergeant (CCM) is the ninth enlisted rank in the UNSC Air Force, and is equal in pay-grade to Chief Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, and is above Senior Master Sergeant. The pay grade for Chief Master Sergeant is E-9, and is one of the highest ranks in the senior Non-commissioned officer category in the UNSCAF. It is equal to an Army Command Sergeant Major, a Marine Sergeant Major, or a Navy Command Master Chief Petty Officer, Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer, or Force Master Chief Petty Officer.

Command Chief Master Sergeants serve as senior advisers to commanders at Wing, Numbered Air Force (NAF), Field Operating Agency (FOA), and Major Command (MAJCOM) levels. In a Joint command, when an Air Force Chief Master Sergeant fills a UNSCDF-nominative Command Senior Enlisted Leader position, that individual is also designated as a Command Chief Master Sergeant.

Command Chiefs advise the Commander on all enlisted matters, including all issues affecting the command's mission and operations, and the readiness, training, utilization, morale, technical and professional development, and quality of life of all enlisted members in the organization. Command Chiefs are the functional managers for all Chief Master Sergeants and First Sergeants in their entire command/organization.

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