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Commendation boosting is where a player repeatedly uses an exploit (for example, repeatedly reverting to last save while getting Killionaire Medals in Campaign) to quickly progress on Commendations.
The Once Highest Ranking Person In Halo Reach Without Mods

The Once Highest Ranking Person In Halo Reach Without Mods

Halo: Reach MethodsEdit

There are numerous methods to Commendation Boost. Be sure to turn Scoring to Free-for-all to earn more cR. Increased difficulties add more points, making for more cR (only with Scoring on).

ONI Sword BaseEdit

Load ONI Sword Base. Change difficulty to Heroic, change the skulls to Grunt Birthday Party, Cowbell, and IWHBYD. Sprint through first part until the player reaches the Target Locator. Wait for a checkpoint and fire upon trailing Covenant. After you kill all of them, revert to last save. Repeat for lots of credits and commendations.

The PackageEdit

Load The Package on Rally point Bravo (Defending Halsey's Lab). Ignore the turrets, and run straight to the area with Shotguns and Jetpacks. Swap your Assault Rifle for a shotgun, and proceed to take a jetpack. Jetpack up on top of the roof of where the rest of Noble Team is, and wait for a Banshee to fly too close. Jump up and skyjack one of the Banshees. Proceed to ward off the attackers, and when Carter says to enter Halsey's lab, hit the Pause menu and hit "Restart Mission." If your Banshee takes too much damage, land near a Wraith. Shoot the gunner with the Shotgun, and melee the driver's hatch open. Then kill the driver, and take control of the tank.

This will boost the Right of Way, Super Soldier, War Machine, Leadership Element, SpecOps, and Walking Tank commendations.

The Pillar of AutumnEdit

Load The Pillar of Autumn on Rally Point Bravo. Fight your way to the Mass Driver, and continue to ward off the Phantoms and Banshees. When Keyes says to hit the Cruiser, do not shoot the Glassing port. The Cruiser will glass the planet, and you will die. You will be loaded back to the Checkpoint where you were told to enter the Onager, and you can repeat this.

This will boost the Right of Way,Super Soldier (only if you get sprees while operating the cannon, you will be reset every time the cruiser glasses the planet), and War Machine commendations.

Beware, because the Onager rounds penetrate. This can be used to get multi-kills, but it can hit the glassing port and end the mission.


  • It is known for people to obtain the highest rank using commendation boosting, and then purposely get themselves reset.