“...If it was a gun. Oh, no... Please don't shoot. I'll do... anything!”
— Comm Duty Officer responding sarcastically to Sadie's fake threat.

The Communications Duty Officer is an unnamed NMPD employee. During the battle, she was in in charge of all communications between the UNSC Navy and Marines.


When Sadie Endesha and Mike Branley arrived in the NMPD Headquarters building, the Duty Officer was on the phone with Captain Dare, arguing about turning the Superintendent back on. When Dare threatened to have the officer fired, she retorted that with a Covenant invasion going on, losing her job was the least of her concerns. Sadie tricked the duty officer into reactivating Vergil; specifically, Sadie pretended that she had a gun in her pocket (in actuality, it was a stapler). The officer was initially hesitant, as Vergil had previously been shut down under Commissioner Kinsler's orders, but she complied with Sadie's demands nonetheless. Her status following the battle is unknown.[1]

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