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With the presence of numerous hostile entities on Requiem, ONI rigidly enforces a ‘Persistent Field Resilience’ mandate requiring that all science detachments (1) maintain onsite weapon caches, (2) optimize the site’s layout to meet ONI spec for defensive emergencies, and (3) retain an escort of well-trained military personnel.

Complex, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 615-3,[1] is a multiplayer map in Halo 4. It is set on a science detachment which has been optimized to meet ONI specs for defensive emergencies.[2]


Galileo's compartmentalized layout benefits protracted defensive stands in the unlikely event of an attack.


Complex is an asymmetrical map, which has many structures that can be used to get around. Red Team spawns on the darker side of the map (to the left when looking from the cliff edge), and Blue Team spawns on the lighter side of the map (to the right when looking from the cliff edge). Immediately to the right of Red Team's spawn is the 'Lift Room', which has two gravity lifts that take the player to the second level. To the left of Red Team's spawn is the 'Warehouse', which is a two-tiered structure. Immediately behind the spawn is Red Team's Sniper Rifle. When moving to the right, the player will come across a rock ledge, going past this will lead to the Scattershot spawn. Moving past this area will lead to the 'Helipad' and Blue Team's spawn. To the right of Blue Team's spawn is the 'Garage', and moving past this structure and along the cliff edge will lead the player past 'Computer Room' and to the 'Warehouse'. The inner area of the map mostly comprises structures including the 'Lift Room', 'Computer Room', and the 'Factory'. When going left from the lift room towards the Blue Team spawn, the player will come across Computer Room, and turning right again from the Computer Room will lead to player to the 'Factory'. Going along this route will lead the player back to the 'Lift Room'. The 'Factory' is a two-tiered, large structure which is mostly symmetrical. It has a ramp leading to second level from the inside of the first level. The second level comprises two corridors towards the outside and a large area towards the inside. In front of the 'Factory', towards the cliff edge is where the Energy Sword spawns.


Because Complex is a medium sized map you can see most of the map wherever you are, but that can change since there is a lot of cover all around the map. The roof of the center building can be used as a sniping position since it can see most of the map. This is also where most of the fighting is going to happen since its in the center of the map.

During Flood, the center building and one of the towers near the shore is where people hold out during Flood since it has a great vantage point and there are a lot of choke points for the Flood to funnel through. This also makes it a good idea to wait for survivors near this point and eliminate them as they come.


  • It is possible to see the roof of Requiem using a scope weapon like the Battle Rifle.
  • The trees found around Complex, are called Ugparassa tree.