Concord is a human colony.


In 2509, the Unified Earth Government ordered the launch of deep space monitoring relays from the polar region's mass driver stations. These stations would later be re-purposed for military use in order to monitor the Covenant's movements through the outer colonies.[1]

In 2551, the planet came under attack by the Covenant but it was not glassed.[2]

In 2555, Spartan Kojo Agu single-handedly eliminated a Kig-Yar pirate group that was disrupting UNSC trade routes near Concord.[3]


Corporations On PlanetEdit

There are some corporations who have decided to make Concord home by setting up either industrial/commercial centres or administrative locations. This includes:

Physical AspectsEdit


Concord’s northern polar region was unique as it had a frigid climate and unique gravitational conditions. This provided an optimal perch for Longbow station’s channel-based mass drivers.[4]



  • The Halo 4 War Games map, Longbow, is set on Concord's north pole.
  • The largest of Concord's visible moons has an enormous station or city on it, which is visible from the planet's arctic regions.


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