The song "Connected" is a song by the rock group Hoobastank. It can be found on the Halo 2 Soundtrack Vol. 1 as track number 21. It runs for 4:51. It is possibly a reference to the Great Journey before the Great Schism.


(Verse 1)

No one else

Will help us to get through

So by ourselves

We'll know just what to do


We are connected

We'll never be alone

We walk together

Forever down that road

(Verse 2)

You and I

Will share all that we know

So close your eyes

And just let yourself go

(Chorus repeats)


And if you fall behind

And don't know what to do

I promise I'll be waiting there for you

(For you)

(Verse 3)

Follow me

Into a better day

We'll be alright

No matter what they say

(Chorus repeats)




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