Construction Platform 966A, also known as Station Delphi, was a deep space UNSC shipyard and construction platform in the Groombridge 34 system.

Operational HistoryEdit

The station was decommissioned in 2528 and abandoned near the Groombridge 34. Due to poor maintenance, the platform was a mess by 2531. That year, ONI arranged for the Spartan-IIs to be sent on a mission to the station to check for any "rebel activity." This was actually a guise for them to abduct Spartan-051 for use in the upcoming Spartan-III project. After he was taken, the station was tagged with a HAZNAV satellite to ward off future exploration of it.[1]

Design Details Edit

It's design was similar to refitting stations like the UNSC Cradle. Essentially, it is a massive plate of Titanium-A containing a floating city of welded scaffolding cranes, docking pods, tubes, and grappling claws.[2]

A curious fact about the station was that it had a hull-support cradle built specially for the Stealth Cruiser UNSC Point of No Return.[3] This could possibly suggest that the station was not abandoned except in de-classified papers, and intended to service the UNSC Point of No Return, so that it could have regular maintenance without needing special concerns to not be seen.



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