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The Controller Sentinel is a new type of sentinel that only appears in the campaign DLC for Halo Wars 2, Operation Spearbreaker.

Class History[]

Controller Sentinels were apparently unleashed after the UNSC Spirit of Fire and its crew located the Lesser Ark. These sentinels were a formidable unit that were designed to protect areas of extreme importance.[1]


Controller Sentinels are outfitted with an indestructible shield in the shape of a dome that cover the front of their body. A continuous beam is emitted from their underside so ground units cannot use it as a safe zone. The Controllers main weapon consists of a Pulse Beam, it appears similar to the Y ability of the Retriever Sentinel, but has a smaller area of effect, a shorter charge, and can be fired one after another.


Halo Wars 2[]


Controllers are treated as the Sentinel equivalent of a hero unit, as shown by how the map displays them as yellow stars. The player is given access to Holographic Decoy 2 to distract the sentinel, then attack when its back is turned. In Gatecrashers, the player is given two wolverines to assist in the fight. One Controller will head towards a Control Tower is taken over by the player. One group of 3 Controllers can be found in the center of the map, with two near the terminal where the player fights a Retriever. These can be attacked preemptively, however, they are surrounded by Aggressor and Protector Sentinels and distracting all of them with Holographic Decoy can be difficult.

In Not On My Watch, four Controller Sentinels are scattered across the map, patrolling their own areas and attacking anything in their line of sight. These Controllers are individually linked to an inactive Control Tower that gives them an energy shield on their backside, making it impossible to destroy them without taking the control tower first. Wait until the controllers are as far away as possible and send in some infantry to take the Control Tower, make sure Holographic Decoy is ready and your other units can reach the tower quickly, as the Controller will head to the Control Tower as soon as it is taken.