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Captain Corinthia Hansen was an ONI contact on the colony world of Charybdis IX.


She had long hair, and wore gray overalls. She was assigned to coordinate the influx of Covenant weapons. After the firefight in the Scyllion Warehouse District, Hansen ordered the UNSC Midsummer Night to leave Charybdis IX, leaving it to the Covenant. She was last seen departing for an orbital station above Charybdis IX. Her current fate is unknown. Prior to the frigates' departure, Hansen told Lt. Keyes that she held a rank higher than Commander.[1]


There is confusion over Hansen's rank. She was confirmed as a Captain, but whether she was part of the UNSC Navy or Marine Corps is unknown. On one hand, she had stated that she held a higher rank than Commander Zheng, which could mean she was Navy. On the other hand, she was very combat-capable for a Navy officer, and expressed surprise at Keyes' presence on Charybdis IX and viewed Navy personnel in a third-person view,[2] which meant she could be a Marine. However, this would conflict with the first statement, as a Marine Captain holds a lower rank than a Navy Commander.



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