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Sergeant Corly was an ODST in the UNSC Marine Corps during the Battle of Installation 04.


Battle of Installation 04[]

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She was one of the marines stationed aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn and was aboard when it crashed on Installation 04 in 2552. Like all of the other ODSTs, she jumped into Halo using a Human Entry Vehicle and assisted in the capture of Alpha Base.

Under the command of First Lieutenant Melissa McKay, she was in a convoy removing supplies from the downed ship and returning them to Alpha Base. During the trip back, the convoy was ambushed by Covenant forces under the command of Noga 'Putumee. Her Warthog was hit by a shot from a Wraith, and half her face was blown off, killing her instantly.[1]

Also in her Warthog was Lance Corporal "Snaky" Jones, who survived the ambush. He was upset at her death, before he grabbed his Sniper Rifle and left the carnage.[1]



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