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Player teabagging

Corpse Humping, widely known as Teabagging, refers to the act of repeatedly crouching and standing up while standing over the dead "body" of a killed enemy, intended to mimic a sexual act. Online players teabag most frequently as a victory dance to insult and aggravate the victim. Doing so, however, can distract the performer from their surroundings, leaving them open to death from another player or the victim (after having respawned). The crouching action was originally created for the purpose of avoiding getting hit or to hide, but online players often use the crouching feature for corpse humping. An alternative to corpse humping could be meleeing or shooting (given that one is not using an explosive weapon, or one with limited ammo) the body, just after the victim was killed.


  • It leaves the player vulnerable to attack.
  • This can lead to opponents becoming annoyed and teaming up on the player.
  • This can earn the player negative feedback.,
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  • Given the right audience, it is amusing, especially when the victim has killed you previously.
  • It may distract players from strategy in a lust for vengeance, thus dulling their rationality.


  • In Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, Bungie included a "dead reflex" so when a player teabags the head of a dead opponent, the opponent's head moves up to the player's crotch. In contrast, Halo 2's reflex was only to move up and down, while in Halo: Combat Evolved, there was no change or head movement whatsoever.
  • After the Prophet of Truth is killed in Halo 3, his corpse can be teabagged. Doing this will cause him to fall through the platform he is on. The player can still see him under the platform but cannot reach him. If you kill the two Elite Combat Forms on the platform and teabag them, their corpses will also fall through the platform.
  • In Halo: Reach, many players say that assassinations are the new teabagging. These have sometimes been called Reach Teabags.
  • In Halo 4, sending a hologram over the corpse of a player will make it teabag. To do this easily, jump and activate it on aiming at their head.