The Council Chamber as seen when not in session.

The Council Chamber was an enormous hall within the holy city of High Charity that the Covenant High Council met within to discuss policy, discipline, promotions among ranks, and military plans.


The walls of the chamber were lined with large bleacher-like seats, and it appeared much like a stadium in shape and a circular opera house in design. The San'Shyuum and Sangheili High Councilors sat on opposite sides of the chamber. In the center of the chamber was a podium from which a member of the Covenant stood to speak or be judged. On one end of the chamber was the entrance to the Sanctum of the Hierarchs and from this end the three High Prophets sat and addressed the Council. On the other end was an entrance, flanked by two Forerunner pillars, leading outside to the actual city of High Charity.


The Council Chamber makes a subtle appearance in Halo 3.

The Council Chamber was the first Covenant room seen in Halo 2, as well as the first room that John-117 came across in the level Gravemind, after being teleported there by the Flood creature Gravemind. He then aimed to kill the Prophets and take Installation 05's Index to stop the Covenant from activating the ring, however, the Prophets escaped through a lift at the end of the hall and John had to kill Jiralhanae Honor Guardsmen, the first in-game encounter with Jiralhanae, to advance toward the Prophets.

Flood InvasionEdit

Following the Flood invasion of the station, the Council Chamber was taken over by the Gravemind. Cortana was also in the Council Chamber and in the end of credits for Halo 2 there was a cutscene of the Gravemind asking for more answers on the Halo Rings inside the Council Chamber.

The Council Chamber was destroyed along with the rest of High Charity when the city was destroyed by John-117 in 2552.[1]


  • The Council Chamber actually makes an appearance among the Flood infested scenery of the level Cortana. However, the elevator platform was pushed outside of the newly formed Flood walls.



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