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The Sangheili were originally the commanders of the Covenant Army.

The Covenant Army is a branch of the Covenant Military responsible for land-based operations; it is the primary invasion force and houses the numerous Special Operations units.[1]



The Covenant Army comprises the majority of the Covenant's ground-based infantry and units; its purpose is to invade enemy positions and hold them after annexation as a means of military defence and uses a variety of equipment and weaponry. Primarily led by the Jiralhanae (and formerly by the Sangheili, including the former Arbiters), the army is comprised of most of the military-service races who act as infantry, or, in the case of Mgalekgolo, as mobile weapon platforms and shock troops.

Because San'Shyuum do not hold military ranks, no San'Shyuum is truly a "member" of the army; instead, they command its Jiralhanae leaders as religious and political figureheads, leaving the Jiralhanae commanders to accomplish military objectives. Huragok, as primarily non-combatants, are also exempt from the army.

Human-Covenant War[]

The Covenant ground forces are mainly composed of Grunts and Jackals, who are used primarily as cannon fodder and scouts, respectively. Grunt and Jackal footsoldiers are usually weaker than UNSC ground forces; however the other species, though less in number, fare much better than the UNSC in combat situations. The presence of a SPARTAN, however, may drastically improve the odds for the UNSC.

Covenant Schism[]

During the Covenant Civil War, or "Great Schism," the Covenant military was violently divided between the Covenant Loyalists, who continued to believe in the High Prophets, and the Covenant Separatists, who followed the Arbiter against them. The Covenant Separatists, alongside their human allies, crushed the Covenant Loyalists at the Battle of Installation 00.

Species in the Covenant Army[]

Pre Civil War
During and post Civil War

Known Units[]



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