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Covenant Fleet Heretic

The Fleet of Sacred Consecration as seen in Halo 3.

The Covenant Fleet is an organization of ships within the Navy of the Covenant Empire. It is unclear exactly how Fleets are organized or how many there are, but depending on the time, there are at least several hundred, with each fleet being essentially a self-sustaining armada. Each fleet is given a unique name with religious meaning.


Covenant Fleet

The Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity over Installation 05.

Each fleet is led by a Zealot-grade Elite, though the title of the Elite varies depending on the size and extension of the fleet itself. A regular, permanent fleet is commanded by a Supreme Commander whereas a smaller, temporary task force is led by a lesser Fleet Master.

Many known fleets seem to consist of around 100 starships of all types and variations[1] and are led by a prominent Flagship, which could be a CSO-class supercarrier or some other type of large Covenant ship where the Supreme Commander or fleet master leads the fleet. There are usually Capital Ships, such as CCS-class battlecruisers and CAS-class assault carriers, as well as numerous Covenant frigates and Covenant destroyers that serve as escorts and ensign ships to them. Fleets are sustained and aided by Agricultural Support Ships, which provide food and supplies to the other ships in the fleet.[2] Each fleet also appears to have a large number of combat Legions attached to it as well.[3]

A combined fleet is made up of smaller fleets and has larger duties, such as safeguarding and policing entire regions of the Covenant Empire. These fleets can have several hundred ships. High Charity appears to have been guarded by a combined fleet at all times.

Known Fleets[]


  • According to Cortana, the largest Covenant fleet ever witnessed by humanity was the High Charity defense fleet, which exceeded 500 ships in total.[4][Note 1]


  1. During Operation: FIRST STRIKE, Blue Team destroyed Unyielding Hierophant in order to cripple a fleet of roughly 500 Covenant warships. Given that Cortana was present during the events of FIRST STRIKE, her statement near the end of the Halo 2 level Regret indicates that the High Charity defense fleet had more than this.


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