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The Covenant Navy is a branch of the Covenant Empire responsible solely for naval operations; its roles include ship-to-ship combat, orbital bombardment, the deployment of fighters and bombers and the method of delivery for the Covenant Army.[1] At its best, the Covenant Navy fielded tens of thousands of warships, most being able to carry fighters, dropships, ground troops and vehicles.


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Great Schism[]

Throughout the majority of the Covenant Civil war, more commonly known as the "Great Schism" (especially among the Covenant separatists), Covenant Separatists split away from the rest of the Covenant as they followed the Arbiter against the Covenant. As the battle raged, the High Prophet of Truth formally transferred command of the Covenant Navy to the Jiralhanae, a position once exclusively held by the Sangheili. The Covenant Separatists wiped out the primary Loyalist fleet at the Battle of Installation 00.

Known Fleets[]

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Identified Naval Vessels and Stations[]


Class Ship Name Status
CAS-class assault carrier Clarity of Faith Crash landed on an Unnamed Moon
Resplendent Fervor Unknown status; possibly destroyed.
Shadow of Intent Active as of March 2558, though now in possession of the Swords of Sanghelios rather than the Covenant Navy.
Solemn Penance Destroyed or commandeered by the Loyalists.
Seeker of Truth Unknown status; last seen during the Battle of Installation 04.
CSO-class supercarrier Long Night of Solace Destroyed
Sublime Transcendence Destroyed
DDS-class carrier Lawgiver Unknown status, possibly destroyed
Ascendant Justice Destroyed
Unknown Splendid Intention Destroyed


Class Ship Name Status
ORS-class heavy cruisers Incorruptible Destroyed
Blight of the Profane Unknown
Unwavering Discipline Destroyed
CCS-class battlecruisers CCS-U624 Unknown
CCS-U321 Destroyed
Harbinger of Piety Destroyed
Indulgence of Conviction Captured by the Flood and crashed at Earth.
Pious Inquisitor Destroyed
Purity of Spirit Unknown
Sacred Promise (hypothesized) Unknown, probably destroyed
Triumphant Declaration Unknown, probably destroyed.
Truth and Reconciliation Destroyed
Undiminished Entelechy Destroyed
CRS-class light cruisers Unrelenting Destroyed
Unknown Infinite Sacrifice Unknown
Rapid Conversion Unknown
Unnamed Covenant Cruiser Destroyed


Class Ship Name Status
CPV-class destroyers Bloodied Spirit Destroyed
Esteem Unknown
Reverence Destroyed
Proclamation's Tithe Unknown
Unknown Absolution Destroyed
Far Sight Lost Destroyed
Rapturous Arc Taken by Flood, then quickly destroyed after moving to infect another destroyer.
Retribution's Thunder Destroyed
Defender of Faith Destroyed


Class Ship Name Status
CAR-class frigates Contrition Unknown
Penance Unknown
Unknown Tenebrous Destroyed
Twilight Compunction Unknown
Revenant Destroyed


Class Ship Name Status
SDV-class heavy corvette Ardent Prayer Destroyed
Mayhem Heavily damaged

Unknown Type[]

Space Stations[]

Important Personnel[]