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This article is about the various space-worthy ships of the Covenant Empire. For the cut Halo 2 level, see [[Covenant Ship]].

Covenant Starships were starships operated by the various species of the Covenant Empire. Starships were not operated solely by one Ministry of the Covenant. Some of these ministries include the Ministry of Fortitude, the Ministry of Conversion, and the Ministry of Tranquility.


Pre-Covenant Empire[]

Halo Mythos San'Shyuum Civil War

San'Shyuum starships during the San'Shyuum Civil War.

Millenia prior to the forming of the Covenant, the San'Shyuum were a spacefaring civilization, allied with humans.[1]

Prior to joining, the Sangheili had a number of starships. This included the Hekar Taa-pattern fast interdictor, the Carrack merchant cruiser, Man O' War, and the Brigantine.[2]

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Early Years of the Covenant[]

A number of starships were designed following the signing of the Writ of Union. One of the earliest ship designs was the Varric-pattern heavy cruiser, designed during the earliest Age of Conflict and Age of Doubt.[3] Another ancient ship was the RCS-class armored cruiser.[4]

Human-Covenant war[]

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Reach AssaultCarriers

A Fleet of Covenant starships over Reach.

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Fate of Covenant Ships[]

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Tactical Groupings[]

Covenant Starships have been known to be grouped in multiple ways. These include Fleets, Battle Groups, and Flotillas.


Covenant ship classes can be identified by the Covenant ship classification system.[2]


Different species have different design philosophies for starships. The Sangheili preferred starships that echoed the aggressive nature of various animals from Sanghelios and other Sangheili colonies. The San'Shyuum prefered more ornate designs, something that carried into the Covenant.[2]

As well, the San'Shyuum preferred multi-role vessels.[2]

Covenant starships, like most Covenant technology, were constructed using the Design pattern method.[5]


Covenant starships were powered by Pinch fusion reactors.[6]

Armor & Defense[]

The hull of Covenant starships is composed of the durable and heat resistant Nanolaminate.[7] Most Covenant ships also make use of Energy shielding to prevent damage from affect the hull.


Energy Projector[]

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H2A Cutscene EnergyProjectorSpace

An energy projector slicing through the Feeling Lucky.

Covenant warships often had Energy Projectors. An energy projector is a large beam of plasma which can be used to devastating effect in either ship-to-ship combat or in ground operations.

In ship-to-ship scenarios, they are known to slice through UNSC ships. The UNSC Herodotus[8] and the UNSC Feeling Lucky[9] were two ships to fall prey to its destructive power.

Often during ground campaigns, it was used in a method called glassing, whereby a Covenant starship burns the surface of a planet in order to render it lifeless.


Reach 468930 Full

Plasma turrets on the side of the Ardent Prayer.

Covenant warships also used a variety of turret emplacements. This includes the Plasma turret and the Pulse laser turret.


Covenant starships also make use of the Plasma Torpedo.



Several types of starfighters were in service with the Covenant. This included the Tarasque-class heavy fighter and the Gigas-class fighter-bomber, it's replacement, the Type-31 Exoatmospheric Multi-role Fighter, and the Type-27 Exoatmospheric Multi-role Fighter.


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DeliverHope - CCSHangar

Type-52 "Phantoms" picking up troops in a hangar bay.

A number of dropships were in use by the Covenant, acting as troop, vehicle and supply transport. These include the Dextro Xur-pattern troop carrier, the Type-44 Troop Carrier and the Type-52 Troop Carrier. As well, the Type-28 Intrusion Vehicle helped the Covenant board enemy ships.

Support Starships[]

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The Covenant have operated a number of support starships. These include the ADP-class escorts and the food providing DSC-class support ship.

Light Capital Warships[]

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The Covenant operated a number of lighter capital warships. These include some of the smaller Covenant cruisers, like the CCS-class battlecruisers and the CRS-class light cruisers. As well as the various corvette, frigate, and destroyer classes the Covenant operated.

SpartanGames Render-Comparison SDV-CCS-ORS-Model SideView

A comparison of different ship classes and their sizes.

Heavy Capital Warships[]

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The Covenant were known for their larger capital ships including the RCS-class armored cruiser, the ORS-class heavy cruiser and the Covenant supercruiser. On top of this, they operated various large carrier classes. Finally, they were known to use heavily armed battleships.

Other Ships[]

Covenant ships were not exclusively designed for war and often operated in a number of non-warfare based situations. This can include the Missionary ship, operated by the Ministry of Tranquility.[10] The Covenant also operated a number of tithe fleets, which were often filled with Sangheili Brigantines.[2]

List of Covenant Starships[]

The following is a list of the starships that belong to and were used by the Covenant Empire, its client species, and the splintered factions that came forth from the Great Schism.

Class Ship Name Status
CAS-class assault carrier Breath of Annihilation Unknown, last seen under the control of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.
Clarity of Faith Crash landed on an Unnamed Moon
Day of Jubilation Destroyed over Earth in 2552.
Enduring Conviction Fell into the hands of The Banished. Destroyed in 2559 over Installation 00.
Resplendent Fervor Unknown status; possibly destroyed.
Shadow of Intent Active as of March 2558, in the possession of the Swords of Sanghelios.
Solemn Penance Destroyed or commandeered by the Loyalists.
Seeker of Truth Unknown status; last seen during the Battle of Installation 04.
Song of Retribution Unknown, last seen under the control of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.
CSO-class supercarrier Long Night of Solace Destroyed
Sublime Transcendence Destroyed
DDS-class carrier Lawgiver Unknown status, possibly destroyed
Ascendant Justice Destroyed
Unknown Splendid Intention Destroyed


Class Ship Name Status
Varric-pattern heavy Blight of the Profane Unknown
Incorruptible Destroyed
Unwavering Discipline Destroyed
CCS-class battlecruisers CCS-U624 Unknown
CCS-U321 Destroyed
Harbinger of Piety Destroyed
Indulgence of Conviction Captured by the Flood and crashed at Earth.
Pious Inquisitor Renamed Naomi. Destroyed
Purveyor of Serenity Unknown
Purity of Spirit Unknown
Sacred Promise Unknown, probably destroyed
Triumphant Declaration Unknown, probably destroyed.
Truth and Reconciliation Destroyed
Undiminished Entelechy Destroyed
Zanar-pattern light Unrelenting Destroyed
Unknown Axiom Destroyed
Far Vision Destroyed
Gathering of Praise Fallen under the control of Hekabe of Maardoth. Renamed Foebane.
Infinite Sacrifice Unknown
Rapid Conversion Unknown
Unnamed Covenant Cruiser Destroyed


Class Ship Name Status
Sinaris-pattern heavy Bloodied Spirit Destroyed
Esteem Unknown
Radiant Perception Unknown
Reverence Destroyed
Proclamation's Tithe Unknown
Unknown Absolution Destroyed
Far Sight Lost Destroyed
Rapturous Arc Taken by Flood, then quickly destroyed after moving to infect another destroyer.
Retribution's Thunder Destroyed


Class Ship Name Status
CAR-class frigates Contrition Unknown
Penance Unknown
Unknown Pure Resolve Unknown, last seen in the hands of Thars 'Sarov's faction.
Tenebrous Destroyed
Twilight Compunction Unknown
Reprisal's Fire Unknown, last seen in the hands of Thars 'Sarov's faction.
Revenant Destroyed
Vengeful Deed Fell into the hands of Rojka 'Kasaan's faction. Destroyed over Carrow in 2558.


Class Ship Name Status
SDV-class heavy corvette Ardent Prayer Destroyed
Mayhem Under Swords of Sanghelios control. Heavily damaged.


Class Ship Name Status
Barque Song of Wrath Unknown
Forgeship Boundless Artifice Unknown, under Jiralhanae control
Hekar Taa-pattern fast interdictor Joori's Light Unknown
Missionary ship Minor Transgression Destroyed
Mutan Et-pattern storm cutter Divine Breath Unknown Status
Mark of Prophecy Unknown Status
Unknown A Psalm Every Day Unknown Status
Commitment and Patience Unknown Status
Devotion Unknown Status
Doctrine's Command Destroyed
Fighter's Blood Destroyed
Hammerstrike Destroyed
Havoc Unknown, under control of the Swords of Sanghelios
Infinite Spoils Unknown Status
Onslaught Unknown, under control of the Swords of Sanghelios
Perpetual Devotion Destroyed
Pitiless Unknown Status
Retribution's Promise Destroyed
Revolution Unknown, under control of the Swords of Sanghelios
Seeker of Truth Unknown Status, possibly destroyed
Valorous Salvation Unknown Status