Warehouse cropped

Two Warehouses; the normal Warehouse variant and the Blessed Warehouse variant.

The Warehouse is a Covenant structure featured only in Halo Wars. It gathers resources at a rate of 240 resources per minute. It can be built onto any unused Covenant or Neutral plot for 100 resources. It brings down supplies from orbit to Covenant bases via gravity lift. Workers move the supplies to the proper area for further use by the Covenant commander. At tech level 1, it can be upgraded to a Blessed Warehouse for 225 resources to increase resource gathering rate to 330 resources per minute.

In order for a Warehouse to be upgraded, a Temple must be built. The Warehouse's resources are used to train units, build buildings and buy technology upgrades. It is ideal for the most efficient bases to be equipped with six warehouses to boost available resources. Of course, the number of warehouses you can build is limited to the number of base pads you have available. The best combinations of warehouses are five to seven normal warehouses, or three blessed and two normal warehouses.


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