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The Covenant automated turret is a Covenant weapon featured in Halo Wars.

The automated turret is built onto a Keep or Covenant citadel, and defends it from any attackers. It is slightly expensive, but effective against infantry, vehicles, aircraft and leader units, but requires a military presence to help defend it, maybe five or six squads, or it will be overrun and destroyed.[1]

This unit can be upgraded to become either an Anti-Infantry Turret, which uses a Plasma Mortar, an Anti-Vehicle Turret which uses a large Fuel Rod Cannon, or an Anti-Air Turret, which uses a Heavy Needler. Each of these upgrades cost 100 resources, and the actual turret can be upgraded to medium or large turrets at the temple.

The Heavy Plasma Turret is the Covenant equivalent to the UNSC Base Turret and the Flood Root.


  • When fully upgraded, the Heavy Turret has a slight resemblance to an Elite's skull.
  • In campaign missions Arcadia Outskirts and Beachhead, the turret can be found alone without an attached base. These are usually scripted and, much like the Shade Turret, don't respawn.




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