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Covenant destroyer refers to at least two different warship classifications within the Covenant Navy.[Note 1]


Three types of ships referred to as Covenant destroyers have been encountered, the CPV-class heavy destroyer, the RPV-class light destroyer and an unidentified destroyer class considerably smaller than the others with a length of 647 metres (2,120 ft) have been seen in various battles early in the Human-Covenant war, such as the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV when an RPV-class destroyer was seen escorting two Covenant frigates and a carrier.[1][2] The UNSC Spirit of Fire was one of the few ships to survive an encounter. In terms of size, the destroyer was slightly smaller than Spirit of Fire.

The destroyer is extremely well-armed, boasting multiple point-defense pulse laser turrets, Plasma Torpedo launcher(s), a single Energy projector, and a full complement of Seraphs.

This dangerous warship classification has the distinctive three huge sections of most heavier Covenant warships, mirroring the lethality of its larger cousins. They are used as escorts for battlegroups that are of the larger ship classes, and are able to hold their own in combat, while protecting their battlegroups from enemy threats.

Known Covenant destroyers[]


  • Jacob Keyes commented on its weapons systems, saying it turned UNSC ships into "Swiss cheese."[3]
  • Jacob Keyes destroyed one with a maneuver later dubbed as the Keyes Loop at Sigma Octanus IV.[4]
  • It's the most common Covenant ship seen in Halo Wars.




  1. While never directly stated, the destroyer described in Halo: The Fall of Reach is obviously a different kind of ship than the ones seen in Halo Wars, as the destroyers in Halo Wars and Halo: The Fall of Reach are different in size.


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