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Covenant escape pods are compact, cylinder-shaped escape pods utilized by the Covenant.[1] They are equipped with a Stasis Field, thrusters, and sensors.[2]

Covenant escape pods are capable of generating an atmosphere for their occupants, including Methane for any Unggoy escapees. However, some Kig-Yar Ship Masters and Shipmistresses have been known to disable the methane generators, planning instead to simply leave the Unggoy behind.[3]

Inside the escape pods, there are numerous control panels and ordinances to regulate and monitor the escape pod's status; these include the atmosphere regulator, power controls, communications, and navigation. Although equipped with sufficient fuel, the main concern is the shortage of air circulation within the confines of the pod. The escape pod also uses a stasis field, which holds the occupants of the pod immobile as the pod experiences rapid acceleration or movements.

These craft are standard aboard all Covenant vessels. One was present aboard the missionary ship Minor Transgression and another was present aboard the bridge compartment of the Ascendant Justice, into which John-117 forced a Special Operations Sangheili and ejected the pod.[4] John used another while escaping an assault carrier with Dr. Halsey.[5]

The Sangheili were known to blow up escape pods, as their use was seen as cowardly.


The escape pod has two engines mounted on "wings," much like a Banshee, as well as two more at the rear.


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