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The Covenant ship classification system was a classification method for identifying Covenant Starships.[1] It was similar to the human Hull classification symbol, albeit for entire starship classes.[2]


The system was created after the formation of the Covenant Empire.[1]

Older Sangheili starships, such as the Carrack merchant cruiser, Brigantine, Man O' War, and the Hekar Taa-pattern fast interdictor did not retroactively receive symbols.[1]


This system identified classes by three roles or characteristics and denotes them as a letter. A single string of letters can apply to multiple Design patterns. Ship classes and patterns can be broadly referred to by a letter. For example, the Reverence-class cruiser refers to the ORS-class heavy cruiser and the RCS-class armored cruiser.[2]

Symbol MeaningEdit

Symbol Meaning Source
O Ordained - This symbol describes the ship as being augmented with Forerunner technology. [2]
R Reverence - This identifies the ship as intended for reconnaissance and excavatory duties. [2]
S Salvation - This means the ship was capable of glassing a planet. [2]

List of Known SymbolsEdit

Symbols Meaning Pattern/Class Source
  • (O)rdained
  • (R)everence
  • (S)alvation
Varric-pattern heavy cruiser [2]


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