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A specially marked copy of Crackdown with an invitation to play the Halo 3 Beta.

Crackdown is an M-rated third-person action sandbox game published by Microsoft Game Studios and developed by the now defunct Realtime Worlds. It was released on February 20, 2007 for the Xbox 360.[1]

Halo 3 Beta[edit | edit source]

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Gamers with specially-marked copies of Crackdown were given invitations to download the Halo 3 Beta from May 16, 2007 to June 6, 2007. Despite plans for this to be only selected copies, all copies of Crackdown up until the end of the Beta were marked copies. However, a bug that delayed gamers who were to be playing the Beta through Crackdown as opposed to the Rule of Three, didn't allow them to download the Halo 3 Beta for 14–18 hours until an Auto-Update for Crackdown was released later that day that fixed the Beta download problems. Due to the download errors, the Halo 3 Beta was extended to last until June 10, four more days than originally planned.

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