Crazy King is a free-for-all variant of King of the Hill. In order to win the match, you must be on the hill for 100 seconds. The hill changes position every 30 seconds, however - at the time you must relocate yourself to the hill. Settings are default. It is also on Matchmaking "Multi-team" in which you and your partner must stay on the hill for two minutes while fending off foes.

The hill's location is shown on your screen with a beacon, as well as a glowing circle when you are close to it/inside of it.


  • With Crazy King on Turf: Fight for time in the hill until you die with about 15 seconds left until the hill moves. Then, try to predict where it will move to. Next, find a place to hide in that location (i.e., behind a crate), and when the hill moves there, you're already in, and can usually get 20–30 seconds on the clock before people start shooting. Then, you have time to come back and fight for more time and go to the next hill until someone eventually wins the match.
  • On The Pit, using the Machine Gun Turret, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and Energy Sword are the vital keys to win as you can kill any hill contesters with relative ease. In Lone Wolves, this can get you the Overkill.
  • Since there are many foes, you will need to keep track of your motion sensor. Always look around and make sure the hill is not "contested."


  • You have to be a bit quick in getting to the hill, as you only have 30 seconds between every hill move. (Lone Wolves)

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